The Czech Muaythai Association have a new muayhai TV magazine, which will be broadcast on Tv channel SPORT 5. It´s a TV channel about sport, the goal is to get Czech and Slovak fans closer to sports that they will not find anywhere else. Petr Ottich had an interview with the moderator about the holding of the European Championship in muaythai 2018 in the territory of the Czech Republic. The Czech Muaythai Association here will have its own program about muaythai sport. This show will be held every month for the first time and 4 reprises.

This monthly Tv Magazine was created for several reasons. Not only for the visibility of the European Championschip in muaythai 2018, which will be held the first time in history in the Czech Republic, but also thanks to the long-term work of the Czech Muayhai Association, which is trying to get Muaythai into the awareness of sports fans in the Czech Republic. And it was not a more convenient option than anything to start right now. The efforts of Petr Ottich, the president of the association, to the creation of the magazine facing long and from time to time in the tournament organized by the Czech Republic appeared on the screens of various sports channels, but at a time when Muaythai became an Olympic sport and Euro welcome in Prague, there was nothing to wait for. An agreement has been reached with the sport TV channel Sport 5, which as one of the few can provide the necessary space for the correct and frequent viewing of the spectators. The word gave the word and so began to create a new magazine from the world of Muaythai.